How to catch high odds on bets on 1 win in Burkina Faso

After the user has registered with the 1win BF bookmaker, it is the turn to place bets. Today we will consider which outcomes are better to bet on in this bookmaker.

The 1win betting company is widely known for its pleasant odds among bettors, although it is worth being prudent for betting on this site. The optimal approach for success in betting is to pre-analyze the quotes offered by the bookmaker and then compare them with the indicators of other offices. The odds offered by the 1win betting company for the outcomes of almost all events are quite high, although for other matches you can observe average figures. It is because of this fact that it is important to know which meetings are the best to put on.

Quotes for those outcomes that are estimated by the bookmaker as equal usually amount to about 1.85-1.9. Specific indicators largely depend on a particular sport, as well as the importance of confrontation for its participants.

The biggest odds in 1win Burkina Faso

Although quite high quotes can be found on this site for various sports, nevertheless, one of the most profitable options will be betting on football. In particular, the bookmaker offers high odds on:

  • English Premier League;
  • Italian Serie A;
  • German Bundesliga;
  • Matches of the French Ligue 1.

Pleasant quotes are offered for NHL hockey matches, European Cup meetings and other significant events. The bookmaker often offers high odds for the events of the most important tennis tournaments. If we talk about less trending competitions, then their quotes are usually average or somewhat underestimated. As a rule, these include racing, MMA and other types of disciplines.

It is impossible to ignore such a direction in the 1win betting shop as esportes. In recent years, it has been developing at a particularly intensive pace, and here, too, it is often possible to catch quite profitable coefficients. This is especially true for disciplines such as:

  • Dota 2;
  • CS:GO;
  • League of Legends.

Margin value

How to catch high odds on bets on 1 win in Burkina Faso

If we talk about margin, then in the 1win bookmaker it is of an average nature. In most cases, its indicator remains at around 3-4%. As a rule, this applies to the most popular and expected events by the public. As for the less popular leagues and tournaments, the margin can reach 7-8% or more.

The margin size at the 1win bookmaker may also vary depending on the specific type of bet. Usually, its rate of outcome varies from 2.5 to 4%. Margin percentage is slightly higher for bets such as total and handicap. Here it can be up to 3.5-4%.

The margin for basketball matches is quite high. In trending tournaments (for example, the NBA), it is still not so high and is up to 6%. However, in less popular basketball games, the margin can reach 10%.

Features of betting selection in 1win Burkina Faso

The number of events presented by the bookmaker’s office in the Line and Live subsections is quite wide. For example, the line features more than 1600 football matches, about 400 hockey matches, as well as hundreds of events from other sports:

  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Table tennis;
  • Volleyball.

The line on the events of such sports as:

  • Baseball;
  • Futsal;
  • Boxing;
  • Darts
  • Floorball.

The number of competitions in the line related to the esportes world is averaged and amounts, for example, to 18 matches for Dota 2, 17 events for League of Legends, and only 2 events for StarCraft 2.

If desired, the player can place a long-term bet or an outright at the 1win bookmaker. This type of betting is accepted for sports such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and many others. The most popular long-term bet is a bet on the prospective winner of a particular tournament.

What do the increased coefficients depend on?

A variety of factors influence the setting of increased coefficients, but what exactly influences these changes? We tell you further.

Strategic decisions of the operator

The decision to set higher coefficients may be part of an operator’s strategy to attract new users or retain existing ones. That is, these may be long-term plans aimed at creating an attractive gaming experience.

Relevance and popularity of events

Increased coefficients may depend on the relevance and popularity of specific events at a certain point in time. For example, important championships, competitions, or high-interest games usually become a reason to increase the odds.

Competition in the market

Operators compete for the attention of the players and the increased coefficients can be used as a tool to attract their attention.

Examples of successful strategies in using increased coefficients

Increased odds open up new ones for players to increase winnings when betting on sports. Some players have developed successful strategies that have helped them make the most of this tool. Here are some examples.

An express combo with an increased coefficient

Many players prefer to create express combos, including events with increased odds. For example, a player can choose several bets with increased odds to win outsiders in various matches.

Specialization in one sport

Some players choose a strategy of specialization in one sport and follow regular promotions for these events. For example, football fans can focus on matches with increased odds on goals scored, the total number of corners, or the outcomes of events in matches of top leagues.

Active use of temporary promotions

Successful players actively monitor the temporary promotions provided by betting operators, including 1win. They can respond to offers with increased odds during major events such as world Championships, finals of major tournaments and other sporting events.

How to deliver an express

Express coupons are coupons in which there are several selected outcomes. If a guest has visited the 1win mirror, they can also try to predict the outcome of several matches at once. Express bets are used to get a large coefficient, while you do not need to change the usual bet size. If at least one of the events does not come true, then the entire coupon will be considered lost.

How to form an express:

  1. Open a 1win website.
  2. Log in to the system.
  3. Open the “Line” section through the pinned menu on the website.
  4. Select the event of interest by clicking on the coefficient along the line.
  5. Add another event, click on the coefficient along the line. Repeat the action the required number of times.
  6. On the right side of the screen, find the “Coupon” block, where you need to click the “Express” button.
  7. Enter the bet amount and click “Place a bet”.

The coefficients of the events added to the express are multiplied among themselves. For example, bets with multipliers were added to the coupon: 1.8, 1.88 and 1.75. Then the total coefficient of the express will be 5.92.