Thursday Runs

Castle Island Route – 7.5 miles

A Thursday night favorite. We start at the L Street entrance to the Curley Center around 6:00 PM, run along the water out to Castle Island, where we do a figure-eight around the Fort. From there, we run around Pleasure Bay, then up East Broadway to Dorchester Street, take a quick detour up to the top of Telegraph Hill, then around Moakley Park, and back to the Curley Center. 

Hills – 6 Miles

You can never run up a hill too hard. You will collapse before hurting it.”

Hill repeats. Start from the Curley Center around 6:00 PM. A quick warm-up lap around Moakley Park, and then you’re into the hills. You will run up 11 hills of varying steepness and length. After that, a cool down run down E 6th Street back to L Street.