FairPlay: A Game Changer in the Casino Industry

FairPlay is an Indian bookmaker that has tens of sports, hundreds of casino games, a variety of bonuses, and more. The site also features a loyalty programme that allows experienced players to get even more bonuses and promotions. Despite being an Indian bookmaker, the platform is popular in many countries. A lot of players from all over the world choose FairPlay as their favourite bookmaker. 

Legality And Security

FairPlay is a licensed bookmaker. The Curacao licence allows you to be sure of the platform’s reliability. You don’t have to worry about your deposits as well as the withdrawal of your winnings.

The platform cares about the safety of its players. FairPlay places great importance on the safety of your data. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about your information.

FairPlay uses the following security methods:

  • Multi-level security system;
  • Support service;
  • Data encryption keys.

These are just some of the methods that keep FairPlay’s security at a very high level. To learn about all the methods, go to https://fairplay.pro.in/ and play.

Bonuses For Beginners

FairPlay has permanent bonuses for new players as well as many temporary bonuses. To see the full list, go to the bookmaker’s website and choose the bonus that suits your needs.

For new players there is a unique opportunity to get a 300% bonus on the first deposit. 

The amount of the bonus depends on the size of the deposit as well as the points listed below:

  • Reward of 200% of deposit. If the amount is between Rs 500 and Rs 5,000;
  • Reward of 200% of deposit. In case of size between Rs. 5001 to 10000;
  • Reward of 100% of deposit. If the amount is more than Rs. 10001.

To avail the bonus, the total turnover should be 30 times the bonus amount. The deposit amount must not exceed Rs 50000. 

Cashback Bonuses

There are also other bonuses available. Thanks to them, you can get some of your money back in the form of a bonus. This will allow you to bet even more. Below is a list of such bonuses:

  • Weekly Overage. The player gets 5% of his wallet every week. For this, one needs to deposit at least Rs. 1000 and wager this amount within a month;
  • Bank Transfer Bonus. You can get 5% of your deposit amount. For this, you need to use it for betting at least 3 times;
  • Crypto Bonus. Make a deposit via cryptocurrency and get 10% of the amount.

To read more about these bonuses and to learn more about all promotions – go to the FairPlay website.

Popular Sports

FairPlay: A Game Changer in the Casino Industry

FairPlay has a huge variety of sporting events. This list includes world famous games as well as local sports. Among this variety, anyone can find a game to their liking.

Below is a list of the most popular sports games:

  • Football is a popular sport which is one of the most popular among Indian players. A dynamic game that has a huge variety will appeal to everyone;
  • Cricket is a favourite sport among Indian bettors. FairPlay takes this into account, and provides a wide range of bets for this sport;
  • Basketball is a less popular sport among Indian bettors. But it also has its fans who follow, and prefer to bet on it.

To read the entire list of sports, go to FairPlay.

Types Of Bets

The platform provides a variety of betting types. FairPlay supports all the most popular ones. Thanks to this, even new players will be able to understand everything.

Below you can familiarise yourself with the popular bet types:

  • Total Score – in this bet you need to predict the total score of the match;
  • Over/Under – you need to select the available event and number. The bet will play if the total score is over or under , depending on the selected outcome;
  • 1X2 – the most popular type of bet. You need to predict which team will win.

To learn about all types of bets, go to the website.

Betting Exchange

FairPlay offers its players an interesting opportunity. You can bet with or against the players. 

The advantage is a lower commission, which depends on the amount and type of bet.

Below are the main features that you should consider when playing on the betting exchange:

  • You can be a bookmaker as well as a punter. This means that you can place bets, or you can take bets from other players;
  • Commission ranges from 0% to 2%;
  • You can bet on all sports;
  • Each player sets the size of their own odds .

The betting exchange provides a unique experience for its players. Go to the FairPlay website and become a bookmaker yourself.

Loyalty System 

FairPlay provides its players with a loyalty system. This allows players to receive bonuses and cashback on every bet they place. The bonus and cash back amounts depend on the current level of the player.

You can find information about the levels below:

Level Turnover Deposit BonusCashback on losses
Silver Rs 10003%1%
Gold Rs 1 000 0006%2%
Platinum Rs 10 000 0009%3%

If you want to become a member, go to the site, make a FairPlay login and start playing.

Mobile App

A mobile app has been developed by the Fairplay website team. Thanks to this, you can play your favourite games, or bet on sports anywhere and anytime. The mobile app has many advantages.

Below are some of them:

  • The ability to synchronise data between all devices that use the FairPlay site;
  • User-friendly interface allowing for a unique experience;
  • The ability to place bets from anywhere in the world.

To appreciate all the features of the mobile application, download it from the official website.

When launching the application you need to make a FairPlay login. To do this, click on the “Login” field, enter your details and enjoy the game.